Education for All

The School at McGuire Memorial is a place where students thrive. Taking each child’s unique needs in mind, we build programs to best fulfill their academic and social journey. 

Learning to the Fullest

The School at McGuire Memorial is an Approved Private School in Western Pennsylvania that serves students ages 3-21 with complex learning and support needs, including students with significant behavioral challenges.

Students Shining Bright

Our student body includes children with autism, intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities, and neurologic impairments. Characteristics of our students include significant intellectual disabilities, complex medical needs, and/or substantial challenging behaviors.

Dedicated Faculty & Staff

The highly trained staff of The School at McGuire Memorial is focused on building confidence, social growth, and moving toward life goals. Our collaborative team includes administrators, supervisors, special education teachers, behavior analysts, behavior technicians, para-educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and nurses. 

Program with a Purpose

Our evidence-based approach to learning is rooted in applied behavioral analysis that includes a developmentally appropriate curriculum with a wide range of educational materials is available to all students. In everything we do, we work to increase independence through functional and socially significant skills. 

A hallmark of The School at McGuire Memorial is the proprietary restraint free approach that emphasizes the use of antecedent and reinforcement strategies to minimize challenging behaviors.

Beyond the classroom, we provide the programs and services to help meet every student’s individual needs. From physical therapy to behavioral support and so much more. The School at McGuire Memorial seeks to help each student develop and grow. 

A Space for Learning

Our learning space is 30,000 square feet of area specifically designed to meet the needs of our students. With independent wings dedicated to classrooms and therapies, everything from colors, lighting, and textures creates a comfortable environment that is conducive to learning.



The School at McGuire Memorial is committed to the care and safety of our students and staff. We implement the Safe2Say program as part of our everyday practices.