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Our Mission

Mission Statement

McGuire Memorial is a co-sponsored ministry of the Felician Sisters of North America and the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Forming a joy-filled community of Christian believers, McGuire Memorial is committed to providing comprehensive services to people with mental and physical disabilities that may include complex medical conditions and offers supportive services to their families and caregivers.

Our mission is to help those we serve live a life of dignity and purpose.

Vision Statement

McGuire Memorial, with a dedicated Board of Directors and a talented staff committed to McGuire Memorial’s mission, will be a leader in providing person-centered services that promote self-determination, inclusion, and advocacy. As an organization, we will strive for quality that will establish us as a premier provider of services to people with disabilities. With the Mission and Values as our guide, we will continue to strive to make a difference in the lives of individuals who are physically and mentally challenged and their families.


Espousing the Franciscan/Felician value of service to the poor, we believe that the highest quality of care can only be achieved if our actions are consistent with the core values we profess. We believe in the sacredness of life and the right of every individual to compassionate, holistic care; the right to worship in a church of their choice, and to integrate spirituality into their lives. We believe that every person is a unique gift of God created for a sacred purpose and requires a program designed to meet each person’s needs, abilities and interests; and builds self-esteem, growth and a sense of accomplishment. We believe that every person has a God-given right to experience life to the fullest in a supportive, nurturing environment that promotes relationships, and community factors that provide connections, participation and choice.