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Adult Training Facility

At the McGuire Memorial Adult Training Facility, we offer day programs for adults who are severely and profoundly disabled, often having complex, multiple disabilities. We are committed to providing individualized programs and support to assist every adult by choosing to “live life to the fullest” in keeping with the mission and vision of McGuire Memorial. Our Instructors, Program Specialists, and Direct Care staff personnel are trained to provide necessary physical, emotional, intellectual, and medical support..

We are located at McGuire Memorial’s Main Campus on Mercer Road in New Brighton and our services are open week-days the year-around from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Adults come to the Facility from McGuire’s residential facility on-campus, from many of McGuire’s community homes, and from family homes in the area. While at the Facility, adults learn and work in small groups in program rooms with other individuals who face similar challenges.

As an integral part of McGuire Memorial’s range of services, adults with profound disabilities find opportunities to experience life-enriching experiences that would never otherwise be available to them. They participate in on-site activities as part of small and large groups, in the on-campus pool or greenhouse, or in directed community outreach programs. It never ceases to amaze us as to what these individuals can do and the many joys we all share!

Tours of the Adult Training Facility are available to anyone interested in learning more about our programs and seeing our individuals in action. Just contact us or stop in.