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A Message From Christopher Shay

Dear Friends,

57 years and counting!

Since McGuire Memorial's founding in 1963, there has been a constant evolution in the numerous programs offered and our overall continuity of care.  Every day with our Enrusted Treasures is a blessing and a precious gift from God.  On a daily basis, our individuals are surrounded by loving, dedicated and compassionate staff that ensure they have every opportunity to "live life to the fullest!"

The mission is alive and well, and it is the very essence that makes us all McGuire Strong!

Throughtout the past 57 years one thing is for certain, the MISSION of McGuire Memorial has never wavered.  In fact, the mission is alive and well, and it is the very essence that makes us all "McGuire Strong!"  Our mission is our driving force - steering us through tragedy, adversity, and the unprecedented time we find ourselves in now during this global pandemic. We are living out the true mission of McGuire Memorial on a daily basis as we move forward each day stronger than ever!

The optimism for the future and the "Next Chapter" in McGuire Memorial's history is both exciting and uplifting as we look to each tomorrow with hope and aspiration.  I am blessed to work for such a wonderful ministry, and blessed to work among such devoted, compassionate, and caring staff.

We are equally blessed by your tireless support for those we serve.

Together with your support and continued dedication to our mission, we look forward to the future - a future filled with optimism, promise, and hope for those we serve.  I believe in a wonderous future for the children and adults of McGuire Memorial, knowing that "Nothing is impossible with God." (Luke 1:37)

Let us be thankful for today, and praise God for each tomorrow...I look forward to seeing you then!




Christopher M. Shay

President & CEO