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Vocational Training

Our Vocational Training Program helps students with disabilities develop job-readiness skills and daily-living skills as they prepare to transition from school to work. The program provides students 14 years of age and older with important workplace skills, daily-living skills, and life-skills training.

The primary aim of this program is to help each student transition into adulthood, emphasizing a core philosophy of “self-determination” – giving students with disabilities the opportunity to have options in their lives. Through this program, we aim to help students decrease dependence on others as they experience more independence in a variety of settings.

The program’s curriculum is unlike many other vocational training programs for students with disabilities. It not only teaches fundamental job- and life-skills, it also introduces students to simulated work environments. Instructors gradually introduce students to a variety of sights and sounds of the workplace, such as increased noise levels and multiple, simultaneous conversations.