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School To Work

Getting out of the house and being able to help people is valuable. We are well paid and I learn new things every week.
Employment Option Center
School-to-Work Student
The ages 18 to 21 can be particularly stressful times for individuals with disabilities and/or autism, their parents, and family members. Facing the recognition that a great change in their everyday circumstances will occur when they can no longer attend the schools they have since a very early age can lead to great uncertainties about the future. At the Employment Option Center, we are committed to helping individuals meet this challenge head-on.

We work with individuals, their parents, and school administrators to develop individualized and personalized plans for development. An individual’s plan may entail anywhere from a half-day to five days spent at the Center each week. Practical skills such as clerical, product assembly, packaging, and housekeeping are often introduced during these day-to-day sessions. All the while, our school-to-work individuals are learning to interact successfully with other adults to accomplish assigned tasks.

When an individual’s “school days” are over, they often return to the Center to participate full-time in the opportunities we provide for work at the Center or through paid or volunteer opportunities with companies or organizations in the surrounding area.

If you would like to meet with us concerning a student who would be well-suited for our School-to-Work transition program, please contact us or just stop by to learn about our services and meet others who are involved.