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Respite Care

“I bring my son to McGuire’s Respite Care program several weekends a year. Caring for my son at home is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week commitment. Everyone needs a break occasionally, and it allows me some needed time for myself.
“The caring and compassion of everyone at McGuire is readily obvious. It gives me such a peace of mind to know that my son is receiving such excellent care when he is there.
“And my son, even though he is non-verbal, tells me in no uncertain terms – by the gigantic smile on his face and his happy body language – that he is as happy as can be when he is going to McGuire. He so loves going there. And that, in itself, is a very comforting feeling.”
Parent Testimonial

McGuire Memorial offers families Respite Care for loved ones with developmental and physical disabilities.

Family members caring at home for those with disabilities face daily challenges and pressures requiring a round-the-clock commitment. When caregivers find that their schedules or travel plans will take them away from home, or when they simply need a rest from their daily obligations, they can turn to McGuire's proven, professional excellence.

McGuire Memorial is a trusted resource, offering temporary on-site care for their loved ones in a highly specialized, healing, and compassionate environment. Individuals in McGuire's Respite Care program receive the same daily personal care and support as every other McGuire resident.

After thorough collaboration with the caregiver, a care plan is created for each individual. McGuire Memorial offers highly specialized respite care in three lengths-of-stay for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities.

  • Short-term Respite Care provides on-site care for up to 31 days per year. The maximum 31-day allowance does not require the use of 31 days at one time. Many families use this service for periodic care throughout the year.
  • Temporary Respite Care provides on-site care for a few hours (up to ten hours) at a time. Extended Respite Care provides on-site care beyond the customary 31-day allowance. Families often request
  • Extended Respite Care while seeking an alternate permanent living arrangement for their loved one.

In all lengths-of-stay, daily classroom activities, therapeutic outings with peers, and meals are included. Medical and nursing care is available during the stay, if needed.

Most respite care stays are scheduled in advance. However, when unforeseen circumstances or emergencies occur, McGuire Memorial's Respite Care program can provide emergency or unscheduled care, depending on space availability.

Children and adults who have come to McGuire's Respite Care program have derived great benefit from their stay. So, too, have their caregivers.

For referral information, admission inquiries, or other information about Respite Care at McGuire Memorial, please contact Family Services at (724) 843-3400 extension 1145.

Application for Respite Care