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Paid & Volunteer Opportunities

The craftsmen and job coaches from McGuire Memorial Employment Option Center have become an integral part of our company's operation and extended family. They fill meaningful positions that are vital to our business, and their work matches the quality that our customers have come to expect of Ohio Valley Industrial Services.
President, Ohio Valley Industrial Services
Many local companies, schools, and community organizations avail themselves of the capabilities of Employment Option Center-trained individuals. We actively solicit such opportunities on behalf of our individuals, based on their particular skills and desires.

Our membership in the local Airport Area Chamber of Commerce has been an important factor in “getting the word out” about our individuals’ special skills. Our professional staff members are always alert to possibilities for job openings that can realize the skills of those we serve.

The following is a partial list of the diverse organizations that have placed Employment Option Center-trained individuals:

  • Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School and Convent

  • Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project

  • Ohio Valley Industrial Services

  • University of Pittsburgh

  • Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

  • Beaver County Humane Society

  • Valley Care Adult Day Services

  • Lord’s International, Inc. / Trello Chocolates

  • Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

  • McGuire Memorial Foundation