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Our Programs

Enriching is the perfect description for this program. To witness the expressions on our individuals' faces when we have large gatherings, dances, trivia games or relay races; to sharing the personal parts of our life such as birthdays or family adventures; we quickly realize that we are not working for our individuals but we are working with them. They are our co-workers and friends. They lift our spirits and help us to remember to take time to smile and enjoy each day and not take things for
ATF Program Specialist
Each person at the Adult Training Facility has an Individual Support Plan developed in conjunction with our Program Specialists and put into action by their Instructors. But meeting the goals of such Plans is only the beginning of what these exceptional individuals accomplish. Our Instructors tailor activities to fit the life-styles of those in their program-rooms, adjusting plans to fit the adults’ ages, particular disabilities, and their personalities. On occasion, programs developed for one program-room may be extended to all the adults in our facility.

Some of the on-site activities we’ve held include: seasonal and holiday activities; full-scale musicals; “spa-days”; race-car derbies; dancing contests; comedy clubs; movies; even a bell-choir. It is truly amazing to experience what these adults, who often have profound complex developmental and physical disabilities, can achieve. And we fully expect many more unique programs will develop in the future.

On-site at McGuire Memorial we have a wonderful Greenhouse, where adults learn and take pride in their work as they plant and care for trees, flowers, and vegetables. Our swimming pool in the Aquatics Center also provides a source of physical and emotional comfort. The greenhouse and aquatics programs are extremely beneficial to individuals as they are very enriching sensory experiences.

We also recognize life’s spiritual component and contribute to the spiritual lives of our adults of any faith tradition by providing appropriate services and programs.

Members of each program-room also identify at least one community outreach effort in which they participate throughout the year. We feel it is of great importance that our individuals have the opportunity to put our mission, vision, and values into action, ensuring that we demonstrate that “it is in giving that we receive.”

Physically, emotionally, spiritually – we feel that adults here are “living life to the fullest!”