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Students With Multiple Disabilites

McGuire has been amazing in meeting m son's educational needs-compassionate and kind consumate professionals
Parent of Student
At The School at McGuire Memorial, we seek to develop maximum independence and to heighten and nurture the communication abilities of students with multiple disabilities, including those with significant cognitive challenges and profound physical disabilities.

Using a specially designed curriculum, the program emphasizes attending, responding, and initiating responses. Imbedded in daily instruction is an emphasis on functional academics, communication skills, social skills, and daily-living skills. As the students learn and grow, they begin to develop independent methods of accessing the world, and begin to minimize dependence on adult assistance.

Highly trained staff members utilize support equipment such as standers, walkers, lifts, mat tables, and side-layers to help medically fragile students – including those with feeding tubes, tracheotomies, colostomies, and ventilators – access appropriate educational instruction in a safe and supportive environment.

The West Wing of our facility has been customized for classroom instruction of students with multiple disabilities. Amenities include floor-to-ceiling windows, providing greater visual access to the outdoors, and a sensory room that uses music, lights, and tactile materials to stimulate the senses and strengthen optical and auditory skills.

Our comprehensive curriculum, services, and the caring and nurturing support of the school’s staff members, all help to maximize educational opportunities for students with multiple disabilities.