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Our Individuals

At the McGuire Memorial Employment Option Center, we are dedicated to helping our individuals develop their self-determination, self-advocacy, and ability to make choices. In doing so, we provide a nurturing environment, aided by a professional staff of program specialists, program instructors, and direct care personnel. They help every one of our individuals develop new skills and new relationships while helping them meet new opportunities and challenges.

Individuals range in age from 18 to greater than 50, with most being between 21 and 35. The individuals reside in family homes, community homes, and McGuire Memorial’s facility in New Brighton. Some are involved in the school-to-work transition and all are developing their “life after school” adult living skills. In either case, we provide our clients with meaningful opportunities in a safe, enriching, and supportive environment.

The Center’s staff members are particularly adept at matching the skills and capabilities of our individuals with opportunities provided, either at the facility or at “off-campus” work sites that provide both paid and volunteer opportunities.