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McGuire Memorial's main campus, located in the Western Pennsylvania town of New Brighton, is home to our Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID).  McGuire Memorial has provided unique programs for the care of those with profound disabilities in the region since 1963.

McGuire Memorial community homes offer private residential living for individuals with mild to severe disabilities.  Residents enjoy total care within one-floor-living private home environments, all with accessible (ADA standard) doors, bathrooms, and entrances, renovated to meet their comfort and functional needs.

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Welcoming and warm, The School at McGuire Memorial is a place where students thrive. We are an Approved Private School, licensed and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We take individualization very seriously, as we don’t try to fit children into our programs, but rather we build our programs around children. McGuire Memorial is an Approved Private School, licensed and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

At the McGuire Memorial Life Enrichment Adult Program, we offer day programs for adults who are severely and profoundly disabled, often having complex, multiple disabilities. We are committed to providing individualized programs and support to assist every adult by choosing to “live life to the fullest” in keeping with the mission and vision of McGuire Memorial. Our Instructors, Program Specialists, and Direct Care staff personnel are trained to provide necessary physical, emotional, intellectual, and medical support.

The McGuire Memorial Saint Joseph the Worker Employment Option Center offers day programs for adults with mild to moderate disabilities and/or autism. We provide vocational training, life skills, school-to-work transition programs, and paid employment opportunities.


Christopher Shay, President and CEO, was recently recognized as a recipient of the Pittsburgh Smart 50 Award. The 2020 Smart 50 Awards recognizes top executives of the 50 "smartest" companies in the Greater Pittsburgh region for their ability to effectively build and lead successful organizations. Congratulations to Christopher and the entire McGuire Memorial team for this recognition!

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