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Two wings of The School at McGuire Memorial serve children with a wide range of disabilities. Our East Wing serves students on the autism spectrum, and our West Wing is dedicated to meeting the needs of students with multiple disabilities.

In the East Wing, there are observation rooms between every two classrooms that allow therapists, parents, and school district representatives to objectively monitor students’ progress.

Amenities in the West Wing include floor-to-ceiling windows that provide students with substantial visual access to the outdoors and a sensory room that uses music, lights, and tactile materials to stimulate the senses and strengthen optical and auditory skills. Observation windows allow parents, therapists, and school district representatives the same access that is afforded in the East Wing

Our facility was designed with much thought given to the lighting, furniture, and equipment needed to serve our student population. This thoughtfulness has benefited our students in the way they can concentrate on their efforts without distractions that may be bothersome to those on the autism spectrum and, in the case of those with multiple physical disabilities, with equipment that is appropriate to meeting their constraints.

Tours of our school are available to anyone interested in learning about our facility, faculty, and students. Just contact us to arrange a session.