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Autism Spectrum

This was the best decision we as parents could have made for our child. Wh have seen major improvements from the time he started at McGuire to the present. Please keep up the GREAT work!!! THANK YOU for showing us what potential our child has
Parent of Student
The Program for Students on the Autism Spectrum is a comprehensive educational program designed to teach strategies for addressing communications, behavioral, and sensory issues associated with autism spectrum disorders.

We serve students ranging from those with significant cognitive challenges to high-functioning individuals learning in traditional grade levels.

Using visual strategies and supports, each student is provided with an individualized daily schedule to provide him or her with organization and predictability – oftentimes so very important for those children on the autism spectrum. We incorporate research-based strategies – including ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related handicapped CHildren) – into everyday teaching. Observation rooms between every two classrooms allow therapists, parents, and school district representatives to objectively monitor students’ progress.

Following a standards-based, comprehensive curriculum, we offer students an individualized education based on the cyclical stratagem: assessment; instruction; program monitoring. Well-rounded and functional instruction includes pre-academics, academics, daily-living skills, social skills, vocational training, and communication training delivered both in school and in community settings.

Recognizing the anxiety-producing impact that environments often have for children on the autism spectrum, our facility’s East Wing was designed to minimize stressors through the use of architectural detail including window placement, color choices, lighting fixtures, flooring, and furniture. A unique feature of the program is the use of sensory rooms to teach children self-calming techniques that can be made portable and utilized in other environments. A movement room provides an opportunity for functional breaks scheduled between instructional sessions.