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Our Individuals

At the McGuire Memorial Adult Training Facility, we are dedicated to helping adults with complex multiple disabilities live their lives to the fullest in an environment of support and encouragement, aided by a professional staff of Instructors and Program Specialists and Direct Care personnel. They help every one of our individual adults develop and form new relationships while meeting new opportunities and challenges.

The Adult Training Facility is open to individuals beginning at age 18, with a range between 21 and 75 not uncommon. The majority of these individuals require wheelchairs, and they are often non-verbal. Approximately 100 currently participate at the Adult Training Facility, of which approximately 10% reside in family homes, 45% in McGuire Memorial community homes, and another 45% at our residential facility in New Brighton. Individuals residing at their own homes have transportation arranged by their family members.

A small number of adults are self-pay members at the Facility, but the vast majority are supported by waiver funds from the state that are used to pay for services received. The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) in Pennsylvania offers two Waiver programs that apply to adults here, the Consolidated Waiver and the P/FDS Waiver.

Our staff members are particularly adept at matching the skills and capabilities of adults with the opportunities provided through our many programs. All adults have an Individual Support Plan (ISP) in place that is developed in conjunction with the individual and her or his support team.

Through our everyday work, we feel very gratified as we see that for individuals at the Adult Training Facility – “Lives are Enriched!”