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Our Facility

Albert Einstein said, 'A human being is part of the whole, called by us 'the universe.' Our task must be to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.' This, then , is our task in greenhouse. With the fragrance of a flower, the sight of a bird, the feel of the soil, the sound of water, we seek to unite our individuals with nature which is a union that brngs every person closer to wholeness.
ATF Greenhouse Instructor
The Adult Training Facility at McGuire Memorial was designed with much thought given to the equipment, furniture, and lighting needed to serve an adult population with profound complex developmental and physical disabilities or who are medically fragile.

Our program rooms are approximately 500 square feet in size and accommodate (on average) ten adults. These small groups are adjusted to best fit the particular adults’ ages and personalities. The rooms are fully equipped and flexible to meet the physical needs of the adults, with appropriate communication equipment including switches; computers; TVs; restrooms; adaptive equipment such as standers and bicycles; and re-positioning equipment – amongst others specifically necessary for the individuals in the group.

We also have one larger room (approximately 4000 square feet) that is used for multi-group functions and activities.

The McGuire Memorial Greenhouse is also available to our adults and provides valuable experience in planting and nurturing flowers, fruits, vegetables, and even trees. And the Aquatics Center provides a 1200 square-foot heated pool where the individuals have the opportunity to swim with an Aquatics Specialist. Such experiences build confidence and provide enjoyable sensory experiences for everyone involved.

At lunch-time, adults may purchase their own food in the McGuire Memorial cafeteria or bring their own lunch. Staff members make sure adults follow any specific dietary requirements.

Tours of the Adult Training Facility are available to anyone interested in learning more about our programs and seeing our individuals in action. Just contact us or stop in!