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A Message From Sister T

Dear Friends,

51 years ago there were few warm, safe places for children or adults with intellectual disabilities, let alone those with complex medical challenges. Thankfully, with God’s grace, all of that changed when the doors of McGuire Memorial opened and a whole new world of dignity and opportunity was born …

… A world that fifty years later includes McGuire’s state-of-the-art school, training and employment programs, community homes, residential campus … all of which continue day-in and day-out to inspire hope and foster growth for thousands of God’s most vulnerable children.

Looking back over these past five decades, our journey has not been without its struggles … but thankfully neither has it been without tireless champions; the Felician Sisters and the Diocese of Pittsburgh whose vision and dedication have never faltered and whose efforts have been indispensable at every juncture … a caring community whose enthusiasm and generosity have never waned … and most of all, an all-embracing God whose limitless love has never ceased to elevate and inspire our every move.

It is a new era … there is a light on in New Brighton and, because of you, the future looks brighter than ever!

With profound gratitude for every outpouring of support, we dedicated the 50th anniversary issue of McGuire Moments to the countless believers who understood that honoring God requires honoring all of humankind, including and especially those who until recent decades were stigmatized and devalued throughout recorded history.

Together, the McGuire Family is rewriting that history … and it’s all because of your support and God’s unending grace.

Our only hope is that you enjoy the walk down Memory Lane that McGuire Moments provides as much as we enjoyed assembling it. Indeed, it is a new era, there is a light on in New Brighton, and because of you, the future looks brighter that ever!

With abundant love and gratitude

Sister Mary Thaddeus Markelewicz, C.S.S.F.
President and CEO – McGuire Memorial

Summer, 2013