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Our Staff

The opportunity to enable an individual to truly make a lasting change in the world around them, to learn and experience the discovery of talents and curiosities, and to overcome and achieve with diversity and compassion what the world has to offer - it changes your life and theirs forever
ATF Program Instructor
At the Adult Training Facility, we employ eleven Instructors (one per program room) and four Program Specialists who develop Individual Support Plans and ensure regulatory compliance. These individuals are most ably supported by approximately forty Direct Care staff personnel who assist the adults throughout the day in various activities. Ms. Brooke Graff is currently the Director of the Facility.

Our Program Instructors have up to fifteen years of experience working with adults with severe-to-profound disabilities. Their educational backgrounds vary, but at McGuire, we require that all have experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Program Specialists work in collaboration with the Instructors to ensure that all programming needs are being met for the individuals receiving services, while making sure that regulatory compliance is maintained. Our qualifications for Program Specialists are that they have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and at least two years of experience working directly with persons having disabilities.

Our staff members and Direct Care personnel are qualified through all relevant background checks and clearances and have received orientation relevant to their responsibilities and daily operations of our Facility.

Staff members receive at least 24 hours per year of specialized training in on various topics pertinent to health, safety, and program implementation. They are qualified in first aid and CPR, and are familiar with the restraint-free practices which are inherent in all activities at McGuire Memorial.

A full-time licensed nurse is available on-site at McGuire Memorial and is responsible for overseeing the distribution of daily medications, monitoring complex medical conditions, providing medical intervention, and responding to any medical emergencies.

If you have appropriate training and an interest in joining this dedicated staff, please contact us to enquire about possible job openings.